Rebecca Thacher Photography

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Rebecca Thacher (formerly Dever) Photography... Yep, that’s me. With a passion for pictures. Families, children, baby bumps, moms & dads, grandmas & sisters, kids, kids, kids! All of us working, playing & living together in this great world. I capture life moments and make beautiful portraits. Weddings, families and lifestyle portraiture are my strongest suits, I just adore my clients both big and small!
At ease with pretty much everyone, people take to my energetic, kooky nature which lends a comfort level that shows in my work. I have a talent for editing and bringing the natural beauty forward, enhancing what is already there.

Along with being a hopeless shutter-bug, I'm a darn good mom to four little girls (yes, four!) and a gorgeous boy (that makes five!!!), a wife, a youth ministry volunteer and I teach natural light photography workshops! I'm constantly challenged to think creatively to balance the madness of our busy lives. Popular opinion is I'm doing quite well, but what do they know?! My life is crazy but I thank The Lord every day that I get to wear all my many hats. And that I get to share my blessings with those I touch. Please visit my website. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do creating it.